“We just blessed to be alive, yeah ain't that the truth? / So let's celebrate the life of Timbuck2 / Timbuck2, Timbuck2,” Kanye passionately sang to close out The Life of Pablo’sFacts.” Many can recite these lyrics, but some don’t know who Kanye is paying tribute to. 

Timothy Jones, AKA Timbuck2, was Chicago’s preeminent DJ. Known for his acute musical ear, Hip Hop infatuation, and superior turntable skills, Tim truly encapsulated the b-boy essence—his life was ingrained in Hip Hop culture, and Hip Hop was ingrained in him. Tim didn’t only think differently than other DJs, he cared more. He cared so deeply about preserving its integrity while evolving the genre; he wanted to show the world Hip Hop’s importance, it’s value. 

A firm believer in the city’s talent pool, Tim gave Chicago rap a platform by leveraging his WGCI DJ position (Chicago’s number one Hip Hop and R&B station) to popularize local acts—he was instrumental in building the Windy City’s powerful Hip Hop stature. Tim toured with icons like Kanye, Lupe, and Common; he gave a voice to today’s most popular rappers, like Chance and Vic. Chicago rap is as loud as ever.

Tim poured his heart and soul into DJing and Hip Hop—it was his livelihood. Through incorporating soulful samples into his Hip Hop dominated sets, he illuminated Hip Hop’s origins and demonstrated its trajectory, all while creating the coldest mixes. His elite sets gave him a name. His reputation makes him a legend.

On December 19th, 2015, Tim passed away after an ongoing bout with cancer. The Chicago and Hip Hop community were tremendously saddened by his untimely death, and let the world hear their pain. Kanye, Chance, Common, Vic, Lupe, Just Blaze, Lil Bibby, DJ Enuff, and more paid tribute via Twitter. With his passing, Tim left behind a legacy and a musical void, but luckily, Chicago’s vibrancy and incredible support network ensures the perpetuation of his name.

One of Timbuck2’s proteges—and perhaps Chicago’s most skilled DJ—Ruben, AKA Boi Jeanius, is doing everything in his power to pay homage to the late legend. The two were best friends, collaborators, artists, perfectionists, but above all else, they shared that same DJing passion. It meant everything to Tim; it means everything to Ruben. They were kindred spirits. They’ll forever be brothers.

In case Boi Jeanius’ sizable “Timbuck2” tattoo across his forearm doesn’t suffice his undying Tim support, his role in “Timbuck2uesdays” does. “Timbuck2uesdays” is a weekly occurrence at Chicago’s Beauty Bar. Started by Tim himself, this event serves as the ultimate getaway for people who want to enjoy an awesome atmosphere filled with good people and better music. A host of Chicago’s finest DJs step-up to the city’s preeminent DJing event to showcase their skills, to prove that they deserve to rub elbows with the greats, and hope that they don’t get embarrassed. People go to “Timbuck2uesdays” to escape their problems, and get lost in the music. Boi Jeanius spearheads its continuation by headlining every Tuesday, and he’s devoted his life to guaranteeing that people never forget Tim’s name.

Today, Tuesday, December 27th, marks the culmination of “Timbuck2uesdays”: the second annual Timbuck2 Forever event presented by Timbuck2uesdays and the TFJ Foundation, held at Chicago’s The Metro. Timbuck2 Forever is the ultimate celebration of the late DJ’s life and legacy—it’s the conventional Tuesday night Beauty Bar occurrence on steroids. Filled with special guests, the most skilled DJs, passionate fans and a musical mysticism, Timbuck2 Forever has developed into an annual event, paying homage to the legendary, Timothy Jones.

Watch the above documentary to hear Boi Jeanius talk about his relationship with Tim, how they met, get inspired, and learn more about “Timbuck2uesdays.” Please also donate to the TFJ Foundation— an organization dedicated to helping others seek healthcare.