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Mic Terror is a young Chicago emcee on the rise with a promising future. His bold and confident demeanor lay the tone for his upbeat, drill influenced sound that will course through your veins and get your blood pumping. Mic’s bars are largely molded by 90s rap and are a cocktail of equal parts menacing and grit. He demonstrates his hard and rugged sound on mixtape, Live From Your Momma’s House, and album,The Fresh Prince of Darkness. Both of these projects harbor Chicago flavor and demonstrate his cool sound and versatile rapping ability.

His most politically charged song out, "N.W.G." (off of Fresh Prince of Darkness), is a multi-layered record that explores the very topical issue of young black males with guns. The song explores multiple vantage points to paint a larger picture of the topic at hand and the community’s misconceptions. One of the more interesting aspects of this song is Mic’s intentions behind the meaning. There is without a doubt an overt message, but Mic is an artist in the true sense of the word: He wants his fans to internalize the song and conceive their own perception. Mic strives for his content to spark conversation amongst people and stimulate thinking. But aside from Mic’s inherent writing and rapping ability, other factors are key to his success: The Chicago brotherhood.

Chicago is a breeding ground for Hip-Hop talent. From industry icons like Lupe and Common, to today’s top talent like Vic and Chance, all the way to even God himself, it’s clear that Chicago’s music presence is deeply established. However, her ability to consistently cultivate talent is no coincidence.

Closed Sessions is the overarching indie label in the city. With connections to Chance, Vic, The O’My’s, and almost every up and comer, they’re focussed on helping market their brothers’ brands through connecting them with established talent and providing resources. This close brotherhood bond has fostered the development of so many artists and launched their careers.

In addition to working with Closed Sessions, Mic, along with Holt and Mano, is a founding member of Treated Crew. Their large roster has presence across America and they've breached foreign territory as well. In 2014, Treated Crew partnered up with streetwear king, Stussy, and clothing company, Saint Alfred, to do a show and clothing release out in Japan. Mic loved Japan for its different culture, energy and engaged audience--he was quite stunned to see an Asian rockin' dreads singing his lyrics. Treated is making moves in the music world, thanks in part to their talented roster, confidence and  energetic group performances.

Mic’s a passionate artist who is establishing a name for himself in this game. He’s diligently working on new projects and expects to start dropping singles and videos soon.  


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