The internet is a wonderful tool. It is a wealth of information that has alleviated life stress by equipping us with unlimited access to anything. Don’t have a girlfriend? There’s a site for that. Need to watch all five seasons of Friday Night Lights in a two-day span? There’s a site for that. Grocery stores are even trending obsolete thanks to the internet. However, one of the greatest gifts the internet has bestowed upon is a music world without barriers to entry.

No more need for the radio or a major record deal to disperse your name. There are multiple sites for that. With these decreased barriers comes an influx of talent. So many individuals who would have never received a shot now have a relatively (okay, really relatively) fighting chance of rubbing elbows with today’s stars. Of course, with more content comes more bullshit to sift through, sometimes making music exploration a daunting task. I’ll gladly absorb this duller wound from the internet’s double-edged sword. 

I understand that not everyone wants to spend their day perusing SoundCloud. But lucky for you, that’s part of the reason I started this music blog—to share with you some of the industry’s brightest diamonds in the rough. Each week I will be shouting out five underground artists and highlighting some of their best tracks.

I present to you, The Underground Sound.



Hometown: Chicago

Age: 19

Label/Group: Closed Sessions

Five Favorite Tracks: Death of a Salesman, Ego Killed Romance ft. Jamila Woods, 1:30, Curbside, Ghost, Stupid Rose



Hometown: Brooklyn

Age: 22

Label/Group: 1160

Five Favorite Tracks: Till Death… The Last Resort, BKWYA, Pink Champale, White Lines, Birdman Handman Rub… Pause



Hometown: Palm Beach

Age: 19

Label/Group: Rich Life Records

Five Favorite Tracks: Antisocial Club, It Don’t Matter, Grim, Say Some Shit, Yellow



Hometown: Chattanooga

Age: N/A

Label/Group: N/A

Five Favorite Tracks: G35, Outside, Corner Stories, Living On The Sun, Kids These Days



Hometown: Boston

Age: 23

Label/Group: N/A

Five Favorite Tracks: Fresh Prince, Living Like Khaled, Day Gone, Chill Bill Remix, Every Season