I’m still pinching myself to wake up from this nightmare. Our country—the sane citizens—is in a mourning period and can’t quite shake this deafening reality. The reality of Donald Trump’s presidency. My stomach is in knots just writing those words. Words that we all laughed at and reduced to complete foolishness and ignorance; words that are now leading the free world.

Our country is sick right now with that chauvinistic bigot at the helm. As corny as it is, sometimes the best medicine is laughter. Nobody puts a smile on my face like the Atlanta trap God, Gucci Mane—the same mane who encouraged Florida Memorial University students to exercise their voting right. So as we try to put on a smile amidst this despicable election result, let’s enjoy the better side of politics—Gucci’s politics.  

That’s right. It’s GUCCI WEDNESDAYS. This week’s edition: “Country Politics”