Do you ever wake-up knowing it’s going to be a good day? The warm sun gently alerts you of the day’s beginning; you exhale from an intoxicating stretch; empty your bladder; confidently look yourself in the mirror. You ever have that kind of morning? Well, I did today. 

I woke up to the news that Gucci Mane and Future released a six-track mixtape last night, Free Bricks 2—their first collaboration since 2011’s Confused. They say sleep is only for billionaires. Gucci might only associate with those who have a least an “M,” but he hasn’t reached that Bill Gate status yet, incentivizing his admirable grind. Despite two impressive post-incarceration 2016 studio releases, Gucci is proving that no one holds a candle to his work ethic. 

Continuing the Future x Drake What a Time to be Alive marathon recording mindset, Gucci and Hendrix recorded Free Bricks 2 in one night. That’s right—six tracks, one night. The two were so confident about their freshly recorded tracks that they couldn’t just sit on them; they needed to grace the people with their street infused drug tales. Much appreciated fellas.  

Stream Free Bricks 2 below: