Oh, so you thought Rich Chigga was a one and done? Sorry, but you’re mistaken. Coming off his viral video hit, “Dat $tick” and the Ghostface/Pouya remixed version, Rich Chigga deepens his August 2016 track, “Who That Be,” by providing a visual treatment. Spoiler alert: it’s dope. 

Chigga opens the video by challenging us to a staring contest, as his unwavering gaze breaks the fourth wall and penetrates your soul—all while petting a lapdog. Looking like the feeble Asian Archer in his black turtle neck, Chigga stunts as he takes us into a quasi underground street racing scene. He easily could pass for the original Fast and Furious’ villain’s child, and he retains a similar “killer look” as the movie’s antagonist. Rich Chigga is on his don shit in this video. 

I didn’t take this Asian sensation seriously when he first erupted on the scene, but his savviness and talent are proving his ability. The Flatbush Zombies said it best in the “Dat $tick” reaction video: the kid managed to incorporate the “n word” into his vocabulary without actually saying it—genius. As Lil Dicky said at the end of his song, “White Dude,” “Can someone explain to me why Fat Joe and any other person of Hispanic descent is allowed to say the n word? Because if I could say the n word, it’d really help my rhyme scheme out—it’s like the perfect filler word…” What started as an apparent internet joke is quickly turning into a kid with legitimate talent. Rich Chigga is the only one laughing now—except in this video; he’s very serious in this video.

I’m curious where he goes from here. He can play a few avenues: be the Asian Lil Dicky and never fully receive his deserved appreciation; leverage his unusually deep voice, mature flow and content for an actual career; or the initial attraction to his intriguingly unorthodox aesthetic could wear off faster than it captivated us. 

Who knows what his future beholds, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for him. Rich Chigga is checking emcees while making his name. In the words of Sway to all the impersonators, “You whack motha fuckas. I’m making a statement: You whack, motha fucka!”