Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it Mike? That’s right! Not only is it hump day, it’s also GUCCI WEDNESDAYS! Today, our ATL God takes us back to 2006, when his belly was as big as his trapping with the track, “Street Nigga.”

The music video is classic Gucci: people chopping up lines, him proudly showing off his gut, low sagging dark denim, big booties, the whole nine. It’s like a scene out of T.I.’s movie, ATL. “Street Nigga” possesses a raw, gritty energy that finds our hero in his proverbial trap setting, bragging about his street authenticity. This song and video are what make Gucci so great—he takes a redundant, recycled Hip Hop staple and makes it into a jam.

Before he had the Steve Harvey veneers, before the engagement, and before retiring the lean, Gucci was just a guy from the streets. Check out the video above. 

Only two more days until the weekend.