This week's "Friday's Heat" features tracks from: Rich Chigga, Papoose, Big Sean, French Montana, and Khalid.



“Seventeen” by Rich Chigga

He won our hearts with his fanny pack. He stunned legends. He recruited them for a remix. And now, he’s back.

Rich Chigga returns to his familiar trap setting on his latest track, “Seventeen.” The braggadocio track shows the Indonesian rapper becoming increasingly comfortable behind the mic, as he continues putting out sound material. “Seventeen” marks his first self-produced joint—a hard-hitting tribal and deep drum duality that supports his lyrical massacre. The hook says it all: “Ballin only seventeen my skin is green / Watching numbers goin up that's just the everyday routine / All my old my friends hit me up they wish they had a time machine / Feelin like I'm Cube I always hit 'em with no vaseline.” This kid might be an internet sensation, but his talent is no mirage. 


“Back On My Bullshit” by Papoose featuring Fat Joe and Jaquae

Papoose never fails to rain down a lyrical bombing. The 38-year-old rapper is using his new track, “Back On My Bullshit” to showcase his reputable acute verbal skills. The Usain Bolt of the microphone, Papoose’s sound barrier shattering pace conveys him calling out snitches, warning pretenders, and demonstrating his authority. After the steam from his lyrical AK dissipates, Jaquae and Fat Joe load up their choppers.

Jaquae connects the two rappers with his assertive hook, proclaiming that the trio is, as the song suggests, back on their bullshit. Fat Joe grabs the mic and dominates the final leg of the race with a confident verse confirming this sentiment. The three make for a great team, and deserve a listen.  


“Moves” by Big Sean

After announcing his upcoming album, I Decided, Big Sean delivers with his brand new single, “Moves.” 808 Mafia gave the Don an energetic, sinister beat to match Sean’s exuberant flow that houses his conventional dense rhyme scheme. Be sure to hop on this track before the radio ruins it. “Moves,” coupled with Sean’s other 2016 releases (although not confirmed for I Decided) like “No More Interviews,” foreshadow a hopefully dominant 2017 album for the Detroit native.

“Moves” psychedelic, trap vibe paint the setting for Big Sean declaring that his outsized stature warrants him to make moves in any situation, no matter the context. Whether he’s arching girls’ backs, or having his city follow his lead, Big Sean is in control. 


“Lockjaw (Remix)” by French Montana featuring Kodak Black, Jeezy, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled

Hip Hop veterans Jeezy, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled hopped on the summer hit, “Lockjaw,” premiered by DJ Clue this past week. Expanding upon French’s and Kodak’s dope original version, the three mainstays offer their seasoned perspectives to this hit. Well, Khaled adds his usual limited offering: “Remix!”  

The result is a classic hustler’s anthem. Whenever Jeezy and The Boss collaborate on a track, greatness usually ensues. Their verses pair well with the song by rounding it out, and riding smoothly over the Ben Billions production. Kodak is finally free, so we can only hope that he continues teaming up with these legends.


“Whirlwind” by Khalid and Brasstracks

Adidas Origianls’ “Songs from Scracth” series recruits the Khalid and Brasstracks collaboration, “Whirlwind.” A dynamic tack, “Whirlwind” retains a jazzy, calm soul to complement Khalid’s soothing, refined vocals. Despite the sonic pleasantness, the content trends darker.

This song examines Khalid’s most recent breakup—one that ripped his heart out and tainted his hope for love. Not sure who to turn to for support, Khalid relies on music to help heal his wounds. “Whirlwind” finds him lost, in an unfamiliar territory: trying to discover who he is outside of this relationship. Listen to “Whirlwind” to help amend a broken heart or to just appreciate soulful blues.