After releasing his well-received 2016 project, Black Heart Revenge, Wifisfuneral returns with the hypnotic single, “Lost My Mind” featuring Kembe X off his upcoming album, When Hell Falls, dropping this Friday, 1/27. 

Wifisfuneral recruiting Chicago’s Kembe X for this self-reflective track is a wise, strategic initiative by the Miami-based record artist on multiple levels. For starters, the two rising emcees paint a vivid stylistic duality of flows, lyrical density, and overall aesthetic. These contrasting sonics maximize Henry Daher’s production potential by emphasizing the beat’s versatility and ability to shine under different circumstances. The experimental, synthy instrumental, sprinkled with sparse kick drums, perfectly supports Wifi’s slow, melodic—yet gripping—flow, while surprisingly proving equally fitting for Kembe’s faster, denser, more conventional rhyme scheme. The differing flows pleasantly foil the two artists. This stylistic transition is reminiscent of getting ketchup out of a stubborn bottle: it initially creeps out like molasses, then suddenly gushes uncontrollably. 

The stylistic dichotomy is almost a consolation to the secondary strategic aspect: Wifi and Kembe’s presence. Both of these rappers are in the growth phase of their careers, transitioning from local acts to household names. While there’s plenty of work to be done to achieve the latter, they’re both heavily trending in that direction thanks to quality output and rising followings. Dually occupying the track foreshadows them potentially contending and collaborating at that upper echelon status, and represents the musical direction of their respective homes. Growing with both each other individualistically and with each other’s fan bases is sagacious for organic development.

“Lost My Mind” is hopefully a positive indication for Wifi’s January 27th release. With mixing and mastering, along with other production credits, by Henry Daher, I’m expecting consistently strong production that will facilitate Wifi’s loose, yet stern musical style.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wifisfuneral, check out his last project, Black Heart Revenge, and be sure to download When He Falls, dropping this Friday.