Being the son of a musical legend poses a dichotomy of possibilities: potential success, and plausible inertia. A legendary musical parent can offer their child initial exposure, but that kid has to elicit a special, defining skill set and endowment to command respect, rather than nepotistic perceptions. Their hunger and drive can’t be questioned.

Lil Bizzy, son of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Bizzy Bones, showcases his individuality and talent on his debut video, “Bizzy’s in the House”—a re-imagination of the classic Bone Thugs hit, “Thuggish Ruggish Bone.” It’s clear that the 21-year-old Ohio-based rapper has been anticipating this revelatory moment for some time. “Bizzy’s in the House” is LB’s proud arrival on the music scene, artistically balancing establishing his own brand while tributing his father and group, visually and sonically. Montages show LB sauntering the same Cleveland streets that supported his father’s rise, emphasizing the St. Clair and E 99 corner that geographically contextualized the “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” video. Inheriting his father’s quick tongue, Lil Bizzy’s rapid-fire flow provides insight into the relatively unknown spitter without divulging too much information, presenting ideal ambiguity—he’s piquing fans’ interest, while enticing them to hear more. Lil Bizzy confidently walks across RASHAD’s dualistic production, which fades in and out between the past and present by employing a nostalgic Golden Age core, orbited by trap accents. The song’s soul lives in the ‘90s, while its heart beats to today’s sound. 

Lil Bizzy is far from nepotistic—he exemplifies what happens when someone exploits an opportunity. By infusing his father’s aura into his artistic approach, he’s bridging opposing sounds to yield an interesting aesthetic. In addition to providing this visual, the Cleveland rapper recently released his debut EP, Son Of Uh Legend, which can be streamed here. Lil Bizzy isn’t only in the house, he’s arrived.