Kyle’s billboard-topping hit, “iSpy” featuring Lil Yachty, is a euphoric joyride whose easy listening imparts a necessary utility. Sometimes, I don’t want to hear people talk about their oppressive struggles. Sometimes, I’m not in the mood to decipher mumbles groaned over singular trap production. Sometimes, all I want to do is close my eyes, kick back, and vicariously enjoy lighthearted artists rapping about beautiful girls. But how does one complement an already great, cheerful, bouncy song? Easy. Make a cheerful, bouncy animated lyric video.

Hilariously crude animations akin to early Newgrounds productions show Kyle and lil boat in an odd beach utopia, featuring curvy women, pothead crustaceans, and Yachty riding a dolphin—the ideal happy place to escape haters. “iSpy” pairs a child’s novel wonderment with an adult’s perverse fantasy to create an oddly enchanting video. If you’re too afraid to explore the ocean’s depths on three tabs of acid, don’t fret—watching this video will suffice. Much like a psychedelic trip, “iSpy” gradually gets more eccentric throughout the song’s progression, starting with relatively plausible scenarios, and ending with shit you’d only see after supplementing that original three acid hits with a couple grams of molly. 

It’s funny, when I first heard this song I knew that I absolutely loved it, and that it could almost instantly cheer me up, but I never would’ve thought the ideal visual laid in a bizzaro Little Mermaid. Now, after watching this animation several times, a different video is inconceivable; a quirky cartoon perfectly captures the song’s bliss. Kyle and lil boat are just a couple of kids who are loving life.