Brooklyn’s Flipp Dinero is an interesting microcosm of the evolving music industry. As a new artist, his social media followings are pedestrian, but he’s legitimized his credibility by impressively amassing over 360k plays for his single, “I Do.” Premiered by Complex, and subsequently featured on Smoker’s Club and This is 50, Flipp’s single proves that the internet facilitates artist exposure like never before thanks to diminished barriers to entry. If a reputable media outlet believes in an artist, they’ll feature them—no strings attached. 

To continue widening his appeal, Flipp recently teamed up with Hot New Hip Hop to premiere the “I Do” video to a welcoming audience. Flipp buckles us in as he drives us through a Brooklyn night, dropping us off in front of a corner store with his boys to properly introduce himself to the music world. Standing confidently with his crew and city at his back, Flipp’s visual for the addictive street anthem deepens his persona by clarifying his intentions: he wants to make his city proud; he wants to put on for his boys; he wants to make an impact on the genre that impacted him. Inter-spliced montages of hazy blunt smoke, joyrides in his white Charger, and getting loose with the homies subliminally suggest that wherever Flipp goes, the party will follow. 

Receiving praise from New York standouts Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight, it seems like Flipp is catching the ears of the right people. Make sure to follow him and peep his new music to say updated on everything Flipp Dinero.