Friday's Heat is back! Peep this week's edition, featuring: David Banner, Chance The Rapper, Juicy J, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky


"Magnolia" by David Banner ft. CeeLo Green and Raheem DeVaughn

After seven years, the great David Banner finally drops the single "Magnolia" from his upcoming album, The God Box. The song's title is an homage to Banner's home state of Mississippi. "My verse is about the relationship of the Magnolia tree and African's during slavery," Banner told Hot New Hip Hop. With lyrics like, "I told her the mighty Magnolia that stand tall for / the shoulders of slaves and soldiers," it's easy to see the message. The show-stopping rap also features Raheem DeVaughn and CeeLo Green singing about class and police violence.  

So lean back and ooze into the progressive blend of rap, funk, and classic Banner growl—all with a powerful message. Banner's The God Box drops today, May 19. 


"And They Say" by Chance The Rapper and Kaytranada 

Montreal producer Kaytranada dropped the single "And They Say" from his yet-unreleased collaborative album with Chance the Rapper on Scott Vener's OTHERtone radio show. Apparently the song was created during the recordings of Chance the Rapper's third mixtape Coloring Book; although not on the album, Chance has been performing the song while on tour. 

Yet, Kaytranada maintains legal ownership of the song so its official release is in the producer's hands. "I still don't have the full version of the song but go ahead and rip it from the mix or something," Kaytranada tweeted. The radio tease is just enough to get us hooked, from the retro "nah nah nah nahs" to Chance's crisp raps. The chill laid-back vibe is ideal for your summer mixtape. 


"Leanin" by Juicy J ft. Chis Brown and Quavo

Juicy J's eerie intro "sipping on that sizzurp" makes you want to start grinding on the dance floor. Add the smooth voice of club darling Chris Brown, and you've got yourself a party. 23-year-old Murda Beatz produced the track, adding a trendy trap beat. Murda Beatz, a Canadian powerhouse, has worked with artists ranging from Drake to Gucci Mane. Beatz got his start as an in-house producer for Migos back in 2015, and was mentored under Boi-Ida’s tutelage. Beatz's history of hit songs can easily be seen in “Leanin”—simultaneously a throwback to 2000s club jams while also bringing a fun new element. Quavo ties this all together with his classic suaveness and lyrical confidence. You don't want to stop listening to the song, and with expected radio play this summer, you probably won't have to. 


"Butterfly Effect" by Travis Scott

Travis Scott dropped three new songs on his Soundcloud page after his weekend Houston arrest. Scott was charged with inciting a riot at his own concert, and with lyrics like "bend laws, bend lanes" it's not too surprising. The passion behind Scott's work, particularly "Butterfly Effect," can be felt in each verse.  

Murda Beatz also produced this summer track, but the song itself has a deeper vibe that Beatz's previous work. It follows in the current blending of pop and rap, yet Scott brings a refreshing intensity. Scott's flow and raw vocals are inherently harmonic, but the content is what pushes this song to stardom. As he sings, "for this life I cannot change." And we don't want him to.  

Look out for Scott's upcoming album with Quavo.  


"RAF" by A$AP Rocky ft. Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Playboi Carti

Two versions of A$AP Rocky's new song "RAF" were released, each featuring unique Frank Ocean verses. It's hard not to smile at the idea of these rappers scolding each other for touching their Raf Simons clothes with mentions of Marc Jacobs and other designer labels. With threats like "beating his ass" for touching his Raf Simons he "gets when I'm gifted," it's almost like an ad. The hypnotic beat makes it work in a more subtle way, with similar rhythm to Lil Uzi Vert's other feature in Migos' "Bad and Boujee." And who knows, maybe "RAF" will get as big and everyone will be wearing the line.