It's Friday! Check out this week's heat, featuring: K CAMP, Blac Youngsta, Kid Ink, G-Eazy, and 21 Savage


"Diamonds" by True Story Gee ft. K CAMP

Who doesn't like diamonds? True Story Gee—the inaugural 4/27 Music-signed artist—has been consistently featured on 4/27's label head's (K CAMP) tracks, including "Deserve It" and "For Playas Only". But now, True Story Gee has his own debut single, which features the 4/27 leader. The relationship between the two catchy rappers is deeper than just music; they grew up together since the age of 10. “I signed True Story Gee just off his story,” Camp said. “I wouldn’t have signed him if I didn’t believe in him. That’s deeper than rap shit--that’s family.” 

The collaboration results in a classic smooth club beat. You'll be singing the infectious Drake-esque chorus: "diamonds on me/a couple thousand on me / blowing up my phone / imma bring it back home." Simple, but ingenious. 

"Diamonds" will be on Gee's latest album Shannon's Boy dropping later this year.


"Look At Me Now" by Blac Youngsta and Mozzy ft. Ned the Pharaoh 

This is the ultimate pump-up song from street rappers Blac Youngsta and Mozzy. And yes, it’s only natural to wonder if the lyrics “in and out of jail with attorney being appointed / I know my grandmother disappointed” is related to Blac Youngsta’s recent arrest over involvement in the Young Dolph SUV shooting from February. 

The track is produced by The Mekanix, injecting the Oakland-proud song with West Coast chill beats. The Mekanix and Sacramento-born Mozzy have collaborated together numerous times due to their Bay Area connection, and Mozzy’s impactful emotions are characteristic of his work. “If you know Mozzy then you know he says stuff like ‘I like them cry-baby beats,’ which means that it’s an emotional beat, something that makes you feel a certain way,” The Mekanix said. “It’s not directed to the club or a party track. It’s a beat that reflects struggle.”  

This is truly Mozzy's song, as he attacks the verses one by one. You'll want to send this to everyone who pissed you off. 



"Nympho" by Kid Ink  

Kid Ink released the sexily haunting remix of Julia Michaels' "Issues" after his recent EP, 7 Series, and single "Now It's Personal”. As Kid Ink says of Michaels’ song, he “couldn’t get it out my head, so I had to flip it.” But "Nympho" is in a whole other world from “Issues”. With lyrics like “I got issues and you got ’em too / So give them all to me, and I’ll give mine to you / Different positions all around the room,” this track quickly gets you in the mood. The slow R&B vibe lets the lyrics shine, making you squirm in anticipation of the next verse. It's a sexy, sexy song, and will make you wonder if being a nympho is really an issue.  


"Maximum" by G-Eazy

It's safe to say that "Maximum" is one of the best songs from Bay Area rapper G-Eazy. Produced by 9th Wonder, the man behind hits from Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, and most recently Kendrick Lamar's "DUCKWORTH" from DAMN., this track brings old-school swagger to a modern song. G-Eazy holds his own as a rapper, and this experience with 9th Wonder solidifies his up-and-coming role in the game. Producer 9th Wonder's experience with Jay Z is obvious as G-Eazy channels the soulful production that Jay Z is known for. 

G-Eazy’s articulate raps allow you to hear every word, fully projecting his message ("like would be different if I had a fuck to give"). The sampled lounge singer and horn instruments on the chorus bring the whole track together. But you'll be thinking about the odd lyrics all day: "fuck Donald Trump / I took a shit it look just like 'em". G-Eazy is dropping his yet-untitled third album later this year. 


5. "Issa" by 21 Savage ft. Drake and Young Thug 

It's pretty dope when you make your own song after a word you created. Atlanta rapper 21 Savage essentially coined the term "issa" after telling a reporter that his forehead cross tattoo "issa knife." Now Drake and Young Thug have gotten in on it for this track, produced by Wheezy and Narcos. Drake and 21 Savage previously collaborated on Drake’s 2016 single, "Sneakin", and Drizz also bought the mushrooming rapper a Ferrari for his 24th birthday. Although this song is just a tease—the full track is expected to be released on June 1—it still bangs. With lyrics like "if your bitch spends the night, issa sex" and "you gave something to the cops issa sketch," it seems like "issa" is here to stay.