Flipp Dinero has been given the distinct opportunity to capture his dreams—and he’s taking full advantage. The rising emcee began garnering fan attention with his March-released party track, “I Do”, offering limited, yet enticing, insight into the Brooklyn parvenu. The wavy record and accompanying visual introduced the internet to Flipp’s dynamic personality of jauntiness and determination, buoying him towards the musical surface.  

Atop that surface stands the Jonny Shipes-founded Cinematic Music Group, incubating Pro Era standouts Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, and de facto group leader, Joey Bada$$. Assuming the roles of a modern-day Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, Shipes and Joey’s consistent Flipp Dinero endorsements lead to his summer 2016 Cinematic signing. The powerful duo’s investment reflects their musical foresight, as Flipp continues to return dividends with his magnetic allure. 

On May 25th, Flipp issued his “I Do” video follow-up, “Running Up Bands”, to a now cult-trending fanbase. At just one-week old, this energetic anthem has earned over one-third the impressions of his premiere single, signifying proliferation that will hopefully translate into a dominant brand. Continuing the intensity from “I Do”, “Running Up Bands” features our protagonist enjoying the fruits of his impending success by concocting a live-action version of Grand Theft Auto. Numerous exotic whips chauffeur Flipp through New York pockets while he totes thick cash stacks, hazy blunt smoke, and the confidence achieved from knocking on fame’s door. Dinero’s celebratory-centric content—coupled with his raspy, melodic flow—positions him to thrive on today’s evolving Hip Hop landscape. He redeems motifs explored on “I Do”, but Flipp’s artistry expansion, achieved through the second verse’s dense rhyme scheme, highlights his mic and pen command, and details his mental zone’s serenity. With the supplemental, entrancing graphics and effects, “Running Up Bands” will protect Cinematic’s investment. 

Flipp Dinero is steadily climbing Hip Hop’s ladder to join Jonny Shipes and Joey Bada$$ atop music’s coveted surface. Still relatively new to the game, we’ve only begun to witness his potential—a potential worth watching. Check out the video below, and make sure to follow Flipp's Twitter and SoundCloud to stay updated on the burgeoning rapper.