When someone is completely transparent about their emotions with no regard for the public’s opinion, it’s respectable. Big Sean is tired of the false accusations against him and he is intent on setting the record straight. “No More Interviews” is his platform to dispel rumors and encourages the masses to not treat the internet like The Bible. It is his declaration of disengaging from the media in exchange for the essence of his existence: music.

Big Sean packed a lot of content in this 3:21 track. From calling out exes to the new wave rappers, discussing relationships and capitalizing on his talents, the Detroit native is clearly tired of sitting in silence and letting media outlets falsely speak for him. He needs you to know how he truly feels. Whether he’s self-promoting (Like how I got a platinum album with no solo tour / Niggas say it's over for me I go overboard), or letting the greats do it for him (Not from the city if you let THEY tell it / Greatest rapper of all time if you let YE tell it), Big Sean wants it to be known that he and his music are forces to be reckoned with. 

Although he still can’t seem to properly ride a beat—my biggest gripe with him—“No More Interviews” is an apt example of dexterous lyricism—a lacking pillar in today’s Hip Hop. Check out the track below: