Chance The Rapper is no ordinary musician. After leveraging a 10-day high school suspension for his debut mixtape, 10 Day, he’s set the music world on fire. On that project, he demonstrated a mature artistry well beyond his years, signaling that this was no ordinary internet rapper—this was a once in a generation talent. The kind of talent that fans, peers and mentors latch on to. The kind of talent that’s awarded him commercial deals, movie deals, the utmost praise, a co-sign from Kanye West and the ability to reject every single major label in exchange for walking his own path, on his terms. At only 23-years old, he’s accomplished more than most people dream of. He’s accomplished his music dream; the same dream that everyone laughed at. Judging by his electric smile, he’s doing the laughing now.

It’s no surprise that he’s constantly in the spotlight. Anyone who spits arguably the best verse on a Kanye album is going to command attention. And rightfully so. His three projects (10 Day, Acid Rap and Coloring Book—I personally prefer Chance 3, but I’ll live) are each innovative in their own right and suggest a very bright future for the soulful musician. But Chance is more than just a rapper. He’s a philanthropist, a mentor, a man of religion and values, a proud father, a proud brother, a fixture in his beloved Chicago community. Chance is a transcendent talent whose undeniable ability and good vibes attract artists from all genres—from Hip Hop to EDM. Everyone wants to be associated with Chance. And why not? His presence on a track immediately increases its value and ensures a bonafide hit. “All My Friends”—case and point.  

It's amazing the breadth and depth of artists that Chance has worked with. You don't need to be a superstar to get a Chance feature. As long as you produce good music, that's all that Chance cares about—that’s part of the reason why he's the man. Take a look below at some of my favorite Chance features (in no particular order; although my contending favorite is at the bottom):


"Broad Shoulders" by Taylor Bennett: 


"Don't Wait (Remix)" by Mapei featuring The Social Experiment:


"Stevie Wonder" by LUCKI:


"Heaven Only Knows" by Towkio featuring Lido and Eryn Allen Kane:


"The Way" by Kehalni:


"Baby Blue" by Action Bronson:


"Childs Play" by SZA:


"Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix)" featuring Moses Sumney and Robin Hannibal:


"Israel (Sparring)" by Noname Gypsy:


"Suitcase" by Vic Mensa:


"You Song" by Lil Wayne:


"Long Night" by Hoodie Allen:


"Coast is Clear" by Skrillex featuring The Social Experiment:


"Tap Dance" by Octave Minds featuring The Social Experiment:


"Girls @" by Joey Purp:


"LSD (The Hood Internet Remix)" by ProbCause:


"Wendy N Becky" by Joey Bada$$:


"8 Friendship Heights" by Wale featuring The Social Experiment:


"Semi Detached" by by BenZel featuring Cass Lowe:


"Such A Thing" by Legit:


"Cross Roads" by Mick Jenkins featuring Vic Mensa:


"Living in Vain" by Lorine Chia: