It’s no secret: Gucci Mane makes a lot of music. I mean A LOT of music. Whether he’s in jail, under house arrest or a free man, one absolute remains constant: the ice cream cone ambassador is busy scribbling rhymes, mentoring artists and producing perhaps the deepest music library (excluding Prince, of course). Yes, Gucci puts in the man hours.

He’s no stranger to converting a hustle into results. The Atlanta trap God has an incessant work ethic that’s afforded him his admirable industry status and certain mysticism about him—I sometimes think he’s a fictional character. Since he came on the scene in 2001, he’s hustled and sacrificed to ensure a better life for him, his peers and his loved ones. “No” and “fail” aren’t in his vocabulary. If the first path to success is hindered, he’ll find another one to ensure the release of his music. There’s no stopping Gucci. How many guys do you know who put out more songs behind bars than most of the free men in the game? 

The 1017 Brick Squad commander is currently working on his 11th studio album, but his total mixtape and song count far outweigh that number. So, without further ado, I present to you “Gucci Wednesdays”—a new Gucci song every Wednesday to help you bust through the week’s hump and into the weekend, when you can turn up to any of Gucci’s hits. Since he’s released hundreds—if not thousands of songs—I’m thinking I can keep this up for a little while…

The first edition of “Gucci Wednesdays” is a personal favorite of mine: his banger with Chicago’s drill captain, Chief Keef, “Semi On Em.”